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    18. srpnja 2018. u 10:26:04 CEST

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    2ql1 day ago
    What can we learn? The benefits and propriety of national sport meaning just that. All those 'Belgians' and 'Frenchmen' and 'Englishmen' could do worse than look to Croatia - or Iceland, or Japan. The intention of undermining nations would itself be compromised if countries did that of course, and lots of political appointees charged with replacing Englishmen with Africans in our horribly corrupt FA would lose their privileges. But then international sport means international attitudes. That's why it exists - to prepare the way psychologically for mass immigration ('free movement of labour') and global governance. Sport was never anything BUT a vehicle for politics so let's not kid ourselves. And what does success on the field matter anyway when, knowing a country for their own kind matters more than a half-decent football team, Scots cunningly retain the nationhood we have sold to the highest bidder? No eligible immigrants north of the border. None to choose from therefore (save the occasional token). I say good for them as much as they sell us down the rive at every turn. I say the same to all who refuse to bow to the 'diversity' dogma. This is what happens when you don't run your own affairs and in a unionist England we haven't run our own affairs for centuries. I remember back in 2011 certain forces trying to blacken Didier Deschamps' name with allegations of picking French players in preference to importations from France's old imperial possessions, a talented bunch but with a reputation for disruptive behaviour. Asked by France's governing body about the contrasting harmony in Spain's national squad Deschamp allegedly claimed he'd been told by Spanish officials that the answer was simple: no blacks. Impossible to vouchsafe the truth or otherwise of this particular nugget, naturally, but 'England'? Not my England. West Ham sacked Tony Henry for holding an opinion based on direct experience and which wasn't meant for the public domain anyway. He'll never work again in his own country. Should he try Spain?